Slow Dough is More Than a Catchy Name

It’s a nod to our reliance on time and fermentation to produce delicious taste and texture. We start with quality ingredients, knead with passion and soul and then let time work its magic the old-fashioned way.

We founded Slow Dough Bread Co. in 2009 as the culmination of five generations of bakers perfecting their craft. Inspired by a vision to bring better bread to every table, we hope you’ll savor each bite as time well spent.

Heath Wendell
Heath Wendell Signature
Marlo Wendell
Marlo Wendell Signature
Heath and Marlo Wendell

Heath and Marlo Wendell, founders of Slow Dough Bread Co.

Meet Our Customers

Slow Dough Bread Co. has become one of the largest all-natural bakeries in Texas. Our customer list includes restaurants, retail stores, food service companies, distributors and hotels. Use the link below to filter by category and learn more about our customers.